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Traditional field (most common´╝ë
  • Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance
  • Benefit and Pension Consulting
  • Public Agency
Actuaries branch into a lot of untraditional fields
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Investment
  • Finance
  • Business Consulting
  • Pension Consulting
  • Broker
  • Professor
  • Recruiter
Many actuaries advance into senior management positions
  • Client relationship manager
  • Chief marketing officer (CMO)
  • Chief financial officer (CFO)
  • Chief actuary
  • Chief risk officer (CRO)
  • Chief executive officer (CEO)

As you can see now, Actuary is the core expertise in an organization that deals with future risks especially in insurance company. Usually, it is Actuary that holds the senior management position in the company. Of course, a lot of Actuaries become self-employed as Consultant or Recruiter or Broker; i.e., become BOSS themselves.

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