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There are many different ways to become an Actuary based on where you are currently.

High School Student

Go to University and enroll in an actuarial program. At the same time, write actuarial exams. Go to work in an actuarial firm after graduate. Continue your exam progress and when all the exams are passed, you become an Actuary.

University Student (not Actuarial major)

If not an Actuarial major, you can consider writing actuarial exams on your own (self study). Then try to get an actuarial job. When all the exams are passed you will become Actuary.

Workforce (non-Actuarial field)

You can either return to school for a second degree or master degree in actuarial, or write actuarial exams on your own (self study). After you have a few exams, try to get into an actuarial firm. You will become an Actuary after all exams are passed.

So the key is to pass all actuarial exams and work in an actuarial firm.

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