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Resume for Actuarial Student

The resume can be divided into the following sections:

  1. Actuarial Internship (Co-op) experience (Most important)
  2. Actuarial Examination, put down grade if is passing with good grade (SOA Exam, CAS Exam)
  3. School Academic
    • CGPA, Average
    • Scholarship and Awards
  4. Extra-curriculum activities and volunteer
  5. Skills
    • Computer and Software Skills such as actuarial software, office software, database, statistics software, etc
    • Communication Skills

What if you are first year in university and without any working experience? well, just put the Actuarial Examination section as your first section!

The Cover Letter

The cover letter is very standard across industry and you should cover the following items:

  1. Introduce your academic background and actuarial examination progress
  2. Elaborate your actuarial jobs, internship, co-op experience
  3. Show your strength and skills
  4. Express your interest on the position and company
How to prepare
  1. First of all, try to get as many resume and cover letter sample as possible as reference.
  2. Usually we can get free sample from the following sources:
    • Campus Career Centre
    • Community Career Centre
    • Recruiting Company
    • Human Resource Company
    • Internet Search for "Resume" "Cover Letter" (I used this a lot!)
  3. Read through all of them, and choose the format you like the most and write your own!
  4. We all have to understand the quality of your resume and cover letter is critical in deciding whether you can get first round interview. Therefore, you need helps from other people!
  5. Seek help
    • FREE: counselor stationed in career centre might be the first person to turn for help. They will help revise your resume and cover letter or give you some advice. You might seek help from your senior or friends too in writing resume and cover letter.
    • FOR FEE: sometimes the stake is too high and many people choose to go to a professional resume writer or professional cover letter writer. Usually you will get bunch of them if you search from internet. But if you decide to go with this service, my advise is try to go with those recruiting firm that specialize in actuarial jobs placement. They have more experience in writing resume for actuarial student and actuary. Most importantly they know what the industry wants! (I am not getting getting any pay here but i do think if there is no one you can turn for help, they might be a good alternative.)
  6. Finally, please proof read! Ask your friends and your family member to proof read!
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