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Here is what you will be expected on your first day.

Insurance Company Structure









Normally, all new hire will start from analyst. After they become Actuary, with qualified experience, then be promoted to Director. After that, promotion will come with experience and performance.


Actuarial Student Study Program

Typically, all actuarial firms will have a similar and competitive study program to assist actuarial student in preparing their actuarial exams and obtaining Actuarial designation.


  • Work in actuarial field
  • Will be called Actuarial Student, Actuarial Analyst, or Actuarial Assistant
  • Must attempt or pass certain number of exams in a period in order to be in the program, for example, at least pass 1 exam in one year.


  • All expenses on examinations will be reimbursed, such as registration fee, text book, study manual, travel cost if the examination require out of city travel, etc..
  • Study day available for study.
  • Exam Passing Bonus available. Usually the bonus amount is pre-determined. Higher level exams will have more bonuses compared to the lower level exam.
  • Every two years or some fixed period, students get to rotate within the company to work in different areas. For example, first two years in valuation, next two years in pricing, and then followed by 2 years in risk management and so on. This rotation will continue until you become Actuary. The purpose is to allow you to expose to different areas and find something that you like.