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I am an Actuary, graduated from Canada and currently practising in a Canadian Insurer. Despite the fact that the Society of Actuaries has done a lot to promote actuary profession, we are still somewhat a mystery to the public, especially in Asia. I still remember telling people that I study actuarial science in university and they quickly interpreted as agricultural science. So most of the cases, I had to tell them that I study insurance for simplicity.

Throughout these years studying in university and practicing in the industry, I witnessed a lot of good students with great potential who failed to become an Actuary not because they did poorly in their school work or actuarial examinations, but they simply do not have access to the right information needed to become an Actuary. Having the right information at the right time from the right source is critical if one wants to become an Actuary.


Therefore, this website is created to provide information and share my experience in becoming an Actuary.  I hope this can help promote the profession from a different perspective as the official channel such as SOA. The objectives of this website are twofold:

  1. Provide an information channel for students and parents to
    1. Explore what Actuary is
    2. Decide if this is a suitable career to pursue
    3. Understand how to become an Actuary
    4. Get prepared to join the Actuarial Community
    5. Learn some success stories among my Actuary friends.
  2. Provide a networking platform for my Actuary friends in Toronto

Finally, I have to emphasize that all the content in this website is from my personal point of view and should be treated as suggestion rather than instruction as I will not receive any commission on your future earning if you became a great Actuary nor I will bear any responsibility if you fail actuarial exams for 10 times consecutively.

May the actuarial force be with you!